Does Drinking Beer And Other Alcohol Cause Gout?

Is Alcohol, Beer, Whiskey and Wine Good Or Bad For Gout?

I wouldn't say it causes it unless you do it all day, every day. I'll explain more as we get through this topic. I don't think any one food or drink causes gout, but the diet you are on can cause it as a whole, including alcohol.

Poor diet, the standard American or western diet does cause it.

There is so much misinformation on what causes gout that it's absolutely sickening to me. What makes my opinion matter?

Because I figured out what's causing it over 7 years ago out of necessity. It was killing me. I had small warning shot fired across my bow 2 years before it became full blown. You can read my story where the entire problem and solution is explained in full by reading my story on how I reversed my gout.

What's The Science Behind Gout And Alcohol?

It doesn't matter because none of today's studies take into account what else the people surveyed, studied or tested were eating. It's therefore invalid and inconclusive. It's all speculation at best.

Why Does Beer Cause Gout?

It technically doesn't, but your drinking and eating habits do. Beer, and any alcohol are 100% carbs, which are sugars when broken down. Every time you drink a beer, your insulin spikes.

If you are someone who drinks a 6 pack of beer after work or after dinner day in and day out, you are asking for a gout attack. What makes it worse is it's a liquid, spiking insulin to very high levels while dehydrating you.

That's bad news.

What's worse is alcohol based drinks are all processed in the liver. It's what causes cirrhosis and fatty livers. The liver processes sugars, especially fructose. This causes ATP to be produced. The breakdown of ATP creates purines, which break down into uric acid in the blood.

The higher your insulin, the stronger the effect.

If you suffer from gout attacks and drink, you may want to look at ACV for gout attacks.  Taking a shot of ACV after or right before drinking may make it possible to drink, within reason, but only occasionally.

It's the only science based food that is solid because of how it affects your insulin levels, unlike Cherry Juice, or Pineapple juice, and other individual foods that many claim actually help gout, but in reality, don't help much, if any with managing or lessening the effects of a gout attack.

What Types of Alcohol Cause Gout Attacks?

To be succinct, all of them. Even whiskey is loaded with sugars. It doesn't matter if it's beer, whiskey, wine or any other type of alcohol. You start a devastating process that is not going to just cause gout, but a host of other processes that are destroying your body.

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Bad For Gout?

Yep, it's like drinking a sugary soda such as Coke, Sprite, or any other sugar laden soft drink. You are again spiking your insulin. You ca learn about the process here in more detail.

Is Beer or Whiskey Worse For Gout?

That depends on how many you have over any given time frame. If you drink a single beer with dinner, you are much better off then a 6 pack after work or dinner at night.

Same with whiskey. If you take 5 shots over a 3 hour window, it's like eating for 3 straight hours. I get into more detail on this process that actually causes and feeds the gout monster in my post about how I reversed gout, the processes that I went through, and how I failed again and again until I figured it out.

Here is a post with a video that explains the process of how and what actually causes gout from my personal doctor. Pay close attention to this video, it will make a difference in controlling and even reversing gout.


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