Gout Diet: 10 Steps to Optimize Uric Acid (2019 Update)

Gout Diet: 10 Steps to Optimize Uric Acid (2019 Update)

This is a video made by my personal doctor, and I must admit that I was one of his renegade patients with gout.

Dr. Ken Berry helped answer all of my questions about gout after admitting I didn't even fill my allopurinol prescription in the first place. I did have to get a many rounds of steroids and have fluid drawn from my knee regularly during my experimentation of different diets.

I was and am not one to take drugs the rest of my life for anything that can be reversed or eliminated by my own actions and never will. This does not mean I am a mindless main stream medical hater by any means.

We have the best emergency medical in the world by far, and some people lack the willpower or belief that you can correct most of what ills humanity via diet. I can balance this information, and you should too.

He lays out why the recommended diet for gout does not work, and gives you practical advice on how to eliminate gout attacks.

His 10 steps are spot on and worked for everyone I told about how I reversed my gout. He made this video long after my time of fighting gout, and I am happy I was able to figure it out.

Meat is not the problem. Everyone should read this post on gout and meat where the narrative is all but destroyed.

If you suffer from gout, you need to pay close attention to the video. And if you want to know more about how I figured it out, you should read my origins story on how I reversed my gout.


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