How I Reversed My Gout – Attack Free For Years

I Had Gout, But Now I Don't

I am here to tell anyone with gout that it is curable or reversible. You can call it what you will, you can play the game of semantics if you wish,  but the point is you need not suffer from gout if you are willing to learn and apply what I'm about to teach and show you.

This is my story about my past lifestyle and how that led to gout. The suffering and trials I went through, and eventually overcame the issue once and for all.

In hindsight I am glad that gout was the one that made it's appearance in my life, because it could have been something much worse, like a heart-attack.

So, where should I begin?

My Horrible Eating Habits

In 2001 I was injured, was crippled for a couple of years and had to re-invent myself. My back and shoulders were both damaged and I had no way to provide for my family, so I started working online. After a couple of years of learning, making mistakes, adjusting and then attempting again, I finally because good at making money online.

It was my first time in my life that I was making good money and with loads of time to enjoy it. In my past, it was usually a trade-off of time vs income, but life was different, I had a job that I loved and it was also my hobby, which meant a lot of time sitting in front of my computer.

I ate whatever I wanted, drank whatever I wanted when I wanted it, little exercise.

I loved Dr.Pepper! I loved it right into some pretty dangerous medical issues that we'll discuss through this  history of my experience with gout, but the point is I was drinking at least a 12 pack of Dr.Pepper a day.

I gained over 70 lbs over time and at 5'9″, 230 lbs, life was fun, until…

Gout First Showed Up In Florida

Life was good, the income was good, but one day my big toe became very painful. It happened 3 or 4 times, lasted a couple of days and then it suddenly stopped.

I dismissed it as a stumped toe or a stone bruise since walking barefoot in Florida was fine with me because it was always warm.

I should not have dismissed it so easily. But soon after these sore toe events, we moved back to Tennessee.

It Blew Up In Tennessee About 2 Years Later

It was a summer night, June of 2010 to be more precise. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up 4 hours later in an insane amount of pain. I must have moved in my sleep because I thought someone had stabbed me in the left knee with a huge butcher knife.

It didn't come for the toe this time, and my knee was swollen up like a small pumpkin. I could not bend it one way or another without getting the knife stabbing effect as far as pain. This was to be my life for the following 18 months, and every single day of it sucked.

Doctor & ER Visits Became Normal

My Doctor is Dr. Ken Berry, and I have a video for you  to watch on the proper gout diet and more details on how it all works.

When I first visited him, he done the usual, gave the speech about purines, and all of the other garbage that went with it. He drew almost 70 cc's of fluid from my knee that day. I was able to walk after that visit. He also gave me some steroids and a prescription of NSAID's.

It was a little longer than a week that I was in an E.R. on a weekend getting fluid drawn off from my knee again. Back to Dr. Berry. This time he prescribed allopurinol and told me to take it.

I was one of the people who refused to take meds for the rest of my life. I didn't tell him at the time, but it set me on a quest to cure my gout. But it took over a year and a half to figure it all out. So the visits to Dr. Berry and the E.R. were common for me for right at 18 months.

I Bought A Cane & Crutches

No sooner than the steroids would deplete, the swelling came back. I spent so much time with swollen knees that I actually had to use crutches mostly, and if I was lucky for a while, I could use a cane. I was that crippled.

I Started Researching

But I was already looking at diets and searching online for real solutions that were natural because every single “credible” publication listed gout as a “Lifestyle Disease”. That means if you correct your lifestyle (bad habits instead of healthy habits), you correct the problem.

Knowing these facts, I couldn't believe there was not a way to handle this with the proper diet. So off I go experimenting with different types of diets.

I Converted To Vegetarian for Gout: Here's what happened

There is so much hype about the health benefits of being a vegetarian that I tried it for months, while being a dedicated carnivore for most of my life. Talk about a tough gig? That was horrible for me, in more ways than one.

It done nothing positive or negative for my gout. Absolutely nothing.

So I started researching more, and went more extreme.

I Converted To Veganism for Gout: Here's what happened

It seemed to make things a bit worse. More trips to Dr. Berry to have fluid drawn off and get more steroids and NSAID's.

Constant pain works on your mind and body pretty hard, and I was completely frustrated that so much fake information was out there. But I didn't have it figured out, so I went to another extreme, because extreme conditions call for extreme solutions sometimes.

I Used Juicing for Gout (Big No No)

I was thinking that my body was deficient of vitamins and minerals, so I went to juicing.

OMG… that was an extremely stupid decision in hindsight, but glad to have tried it in retrospect, because it was one of the things that made me look in the right direction down the road.

Do Home Remedies Help With Gout?

Every little trick pushed online failed to stop the attacks and the severity of them. Cherries, baking soda, and all of the others except for Apple Cider Vinegar failed. Apple Cider Vinegar worked at reducing pain during an attack for a few hours, but soon wore off.

I'll explain why ACV worked later in this post because it was part of me putting the truth together also.

I Used Herbal Remedies for Gout

Yep, I did it.

I tried herbalism.

That was money not well spent. All it done was have my wife spending money and working on these concoctions for months, all for naught.

Don't waste your time or money. It's completely fruitless and not really backed by any real science.

Learning To Ask Better Questions About Gout

I had eliminated all meats and seafood from my diet from the beginning, but all to no effect whatever.

I had gone down the path of all carbs in my diet, with zero fats, and little to no protein other than plant based proteins.

During my next visit to Dr. Berry, we started a conversation about sugar, and his words still ring in my ears. “Sugar is of the devil” he stated with absolute confidence and conviction. Now, I'm not suggesting he is a religious man or isn't, but he spoke with absolute confidence.

Message received!

Now I'm off to the races in a new direction. Just FYI, sugar is a carb, and all carbs are sugar when processed in the body.

I start researching carbs and sugar and find out that there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed studies implicating sugar across hundreds of medical issues and symptoms. Gout is one of them.

Aha! Now I'm getting somewhere.

I revisit my former path and becoming a vegetarian and vegan was likely not the best ideas. Juicing was like injecting sugar right into the veins. That's why my gout exploded while juicing.

Remember when I mentioned Apple Cider Vinegar? Well, just so happens ACV has a unique makeup that lowers your blood-sugar levels as much as 30% after a high carb meal.

I was spiking my insulin and keeping it spiked with nothing but carbs and sugars. At least before it was just Dr.Pepper. I had dropped the soft drinks from the beginning, but just replaced it with veggies, rice, potatoes, fruits and such. I had lost no weight.

I used to lift weights on a regular basis before my injuries, and stayed on a mostly keto type of diet in my earlier years, long before keto was even heard of. It was a diet made in heaven for me.

Then I came across the studies that implicated sugar in gout, but it was a specific type of sugar, which was high fructose corn syrup. I researched that relentlessly and ran across a video by Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology. He has a video presentation titled as Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

Some sugars (carbs) are processed via the liver, and other sugars differently. It's these two separate processes that flood the system with purines and therefore, abnormally high uric acid in the blood.

An example (in the video linked above) is the liver processes fructose. The more excess fructose you overload your liver with is stored as fat, also known as a fatty liver. But while it's processing it, the liver produces loads and loads of ATP, which turns to purines, which turns to uric acid in the blood.

Combine that process with the known processes of insulin resistance and it's no wonder you can see uric acid levels in the +12.0 mg/dL in your blood stream as I have had. The longer and higher you keep your insulin levels elevated, the more saturated and sensitive your uric acid levels become.

Bells went off.

I started looking for research on purines and found out that scientist admit they don't know what foods have as far as purine content. It was on a blog post titled: Got Gout but Love Meat?  This article also blew up any belief I had developed from the medical establishment thinking meats were any part of the problem.

This started my new line of questions.

If eating high purine foods cause gout, then what changed in my life other than Dr.Peppers? Pretty much nothing else had changed.

So why all of a sudden does a body start producing more purines when it was not doing it before? Dr. Pepper has few purines, if any at all.

Sugars and carb overloading. I call it insulin resistance because that's exactly where you end up.

I Had An Awakening With Low Carb & Keto

I started doing what I had in the past when lifting. I dropped all carbs and sugars and the weight started melting off, the gout attacks actually started having a week, two week or longer breaks between outbreaks.

I was on to something good. I lost over 70 lbs in 6 months and gout was manageable for the first time ever. I kept as strict as possible, but every once in a while gout would rear it's ugly head. But the longer I stayed on a keto diet, the longer it would be between outbreaks.

It even got to to the point I could cheat a little, and would stop when getting hints of a coming outbreak. Take Advil, drink some ACV and get back to strict keto for a week, two weeks, a month or longer and experiment again.

I already knew by then it was insulin resistance causing the problem, but was doing the best I could with Keto, and it had changed my life for the better, and some of the weight came off, but my insulin levels were still pretty high. Much lower than before, but still much too high.

It takes a long time if your insulin issue was in a very bad place, to bring back to normal. If you walk a mile into hell, you had better planned on the mile back out of it in severe pain.

How Big Was the Difference Between Keto and Intermittent Fasting?

It's like a brisk walk back to normal compared to what I did next that eventually changed it all… forever. I went to intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is like doing a 100 yard dash at reducing insulin resistance.

Before intermittent fasting, I could not go out to eat with family and friends consistently without having to break from my diet. One slice of white bread after eating poorly for a week could bring on an attack. I could not cheat anywhere for an extended period of time, but could avoid attacks if I behaved consistently.

I admit it. I'm human and lost that battle a couple of times.

So how can I lower my insulin resistance effectively?

I was reading the Bible one night and came across a scripture about fasting. The exact wording that caught my attention was from Jesus.  It was “When ye fast”. I started looking up scriptures on food and fasting.

You should try it and see what you find. I am not here to preach, but it's very telling about diet and foods, eating habits and such. It's interesting research.

So I start researching fasting on Google and guess what I ran across?

Intermittent Fasting Was My Holy Grail In My Fight Against Gout

This is where the real fun began. Fasting has so many plans that you can use to lose weight and the benefits are amazing at the least. Now, after 7 years of being gout attack free, I must say that I.F. has been the blessing and cure I was looking for.

I actually call it a remission because If i decided to act like a fool with carbs and sugars again, I am sure it would rear it's ugly head if I stayed at it for some extended time.

My insulin level dropped and my gout disappeared. I still stay away from excess carbs, sugary drinks and stick to fats and proteins mostly. I've been on the 16-8 fast since. I eat what I want, but I admitted I was a dedicated carnivore at the beginning, so Keto is a great lifestyle for me.

I've been on this so long now that I can eat as I please. I can go on two week binges and still not have a gout attack. Not that I would do that on purpose now, but have tested it about a year ago.

Don't Waste Time!

Keto alone will make life great for some, depending on how high your insulin resistance is at your current condition. But if after you lose weight and have been on keto a while and are not seeing the results with gout that you want, do I.F. I would personally start with both if you are suffering now. You can end all of the suffering in a week to a month or so depending on how much weight you have to lose to be in your normal range.

Either way, this is a simplified version of what I went through, and it was hard. All of the research took hundreds and thousands of hours to become everything from Vegetarian to Vegan to juicing, not counting Keto, to I.F. and all of the between stuff like the supposed super foods, baking soda and many other false promises out there, including the recommended diet.

If you are looking into going keto and/or I.F. do yourself a favor and keep it simple. Dedicate yourself to your eating times and be consistent.

If you don't, you'll have months of learning curve to overcome while your pain and suffering continues. Who would start a process like that without a plan?

You can either spend the time researching random information on blogs and websites to put the pieces together, or you can find all of it from experienced sources all in one location.

Suffer now, or pay a little for a plan that will end your suffering quickly that is easily understood and easily implemented.

I wish I had found this at the beginning of my Keto/I.F. learning curve.

Good luck, and may God bless.